Multi-Family/Strata Roofing


Multi-Family/Strata Roofing

ROOFKING has years of experience with multi family strata roofing living. If you represent your town house, cooperative (co-op), strata council or similar group, RoofKing is the contractor for you. We know what an important and time consuming decision this can be, so we make a personal commitment to our customers to help them throughout the process. We provide up-to-date estimates, material costs as well as pricing for alternate roof options.

ROOFKING is the most reliable choice for many strata councils and property management companies around the lower mainland. We have provided reliable, quality and affordable strata roofing solutions throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley for many years. We have direct experience as installing, repairing, renovating and replacing roofs for multi-family housing complexes, strata condominiums and townhouses.

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